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Galaxy Protection offers a wide array of industry specific security solutions and services in the domains of remote guarding security systems, video surveillance, and adjacent security metrics including data analysis. This puts us in a unique position to service different industries all over the nation. We work with a wide array of clients: from startups, to large international corporations, institutions in the private, public, and governmental sectors — and more. Below are just a few of the markets we work with, as well as a sampling of the services we offer. Ready to contact us to get a free site analysis and remote guarding action plan? Fill out the form above or contact us today.

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    Auto Dealerships

    At your auto dealership, your inventory is right there on an open lot at all times.We’ll make sure your cars are under our watchful eye, 24/7.

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    Construction Sites

    Sprawling, multi-faceted construction sites require a variety of unique security considerations. Luckily, we know just how to keep your site safe from theft and vandalism.

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    Property Management

    Property management means being entrusted with the fate of real estate assets that are susceptible to all kinds of crime. Galaxy Protection is ready to stand vigilant.

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    By nature, warehouses are cavernous and filled with valuable inventory. Galaxy Protection can guard your warehouse right down to the smallest item and provide valuable evidence in Workers’ Compensation claims.

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    Distribution & Logistics Facilities

    The amount of people and vehicles coming and going at distribution and logistics facilities means a highly advanced and technology-driven security solution is practically a requirement.

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    Schools & Universities

    Schools need to worry about guarding their facilities and assets as well as the safety of students and staff on-site.

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    Office & Commercial Buildings

    Offices and commercial buildings are full of nooks and crannies that need to be monitored, and one or two lone on-site guards simply isn’t enough.

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    Often times, a factory’s greatest concern is the integrity of its manufacturing process or facility protocol. We’ll help you make yours ironclad.

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    Financial Institutions

    It goes without saying that financial institutions have a lot to lose by investing in an inferior security solution. Let Galaxy Protection lock your site down so you can rest easy.

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    Medical Facilities

    Medical facilities have a duty to their staff and patients to ensure the safety and discretion of both personnel and data. We’ll make sure your facility never has to worry about either.

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    Parking Facilities

    Parking structures are some of the most attractive sites for illegal activity because of the perception that they’re unmonitored. Are you doing enough with yours?

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    Shopping Centers

    Shopping centers see large amounts of foot and vehicle traffic each day. Only a sophisticated security solution can truly mitigate loss and damage.

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    It’s critical that airports remain highly vigilant to guard against security threats both known and unknown. Remote guarding can be a huge boost to the teams already deployed at the airport.

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