On average, Galaxy Protection’s remote guarding security system is 70% less expensive than a traditional on-site guard and pays for itself within 9 months.

Why Galaxy Protection?

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  • Elite, high-level operatives. Our remote security guards include former police officers, security specialists, and military personnel.
  • No coffee breaks. Unlike an on-site guard who can only be one place at a time, we’re always watching.
  • Instant response. When an event occurs, we respond immediately via two-way audio and decisive action.
  • Ironclad reliability. Our remote security monitoring infrastructure is in the Quinby datacenter, a Class A facility with layers of redundancy.

Our Process



We’ll meet you on-site for a free consultation to determine what’s important to you, as well as the best way to go about meeting your business’ security needs.



Every site and business is different, which means that you’ll receive a custom designed video monitoring system that is completely isolated with redundant internet and power sources.



Our remote security monitoring happens live — which means no false alarms, instant action, and faster response times from law enforcement.



Galaxy’s remote video monitoring systems result in other helpful data points such as heat maps, head counts, and traffic paths. We’ll help you put that information to good use.


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    What We Offer

    • Access Control

    Remote HD Video Monitoring Services

    Real-time remote video surveillance is quite simply the future of security. Around the clock, our highly trained team is ready to detect and respond to any security event.


    Theft & Crime Prevention

    The live, interactive nature of our remote video monitoring system has been shown to not only stop crimes and thefts in progress, but deter future events as well.


    Custom Remote Security Solutions

    Our security design experts create long-term strategic plans for camera installation, network design, and risk assessment according to your individual security needs.


    Ex- Military and Law Enforcement Guards

    We take great pride in staffing only the finest security professionals to remotely guard your business via HD video security systems. Say goodbye to the days of unqualified, distracted on-site “security guards.”

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    How It Works

    Galaxy Protection Works With...

    Auto Dealerships
    Storage Facilities
    Office Buildings
    Construction Sites

    Frequently Asked Questions


    As soon as an on-site alarm device detects an event such as an intrusion, an immediate signal is sent to Central Monitoring. There, a highly trained security technician will receive the alarm and immediately assess the live video feed. The security specialist will then analyze the nature of the event, notifying authorities if appropriate. The specialist may intervene through two-way audio, which has been shown to successfully deter events in progress and stop crimes before they’re carried out.

    Similarly, the security specialist will be able to discern whether the event was a false alarm such as an employee accidentally triggering the system. This avoids the costs associated with false alarms and unnecessary strain on local law enforcement, making them more likely to respond to your business in a timely fashion in the future.

    Video monitoring technology has come an incredibly long way. Today, Galaxy Protection is able to offer a highly sophisticated network of HD camera feeds that come equipped with face detection software, zoom capability, intelligent alert of risk activity, specialized access control and motion detection. This allows for the creation of a “virtual guarding” setup which mimics a traditional security guard walking rounds and doing look-ins.

    The key differences, however, are that our cameras can be in all places at all times, and as such aren’t subject to negligence or simple human error. And of course, a turnkey virtual guarding solution is significantly less expensive than hiring on-site security guards.

    Galaxy Protection is proud to stand behind our policy of worry-free maintenance. If any cameras or equipment fail due to regular wear and tear, we will replace them at no additional cost to you. Software updates are continual, and our maintenance is comprehensive.

    We can offer…

    • Two-way audio communication
    • Facial recognition
    • Perimeter security
    • Detection of persons in a sensitive area
    • Detection of unauthorized activity
    • Detection of crowding or grouping
    • Equipment protection
    • Loitering prevention
    • Discovery of suspicious objects
    • Enforcement of parking regulations
    • Scheduled/randomized patrol
    • License plate recognition (LPR)
    • Incident verification
    • Managed access control
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