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    About Galaxy Protection

    Galaxy Protection was founded with the principal goal of providing remote guarding solutions for commercial businesses to enhance their safety and security all while cutting cost of traditional security guard services. We will customize and design a system to your specific business needs, which will provide a comprehensive range of advanced technologies. We are partnered with nationwide security companies that are dispatched and assisted by our monitoring center to create a 360‐degree approach to security threats.

    Our cutting‐edge video surveillance system, software and hardware, 28 years of security experience, and fine‐tuned process helps create a proactive security solution that protects your business and assets nationwide. Galaxy Protection is a turnkey solution — our highly professional team will handle the consultation, design, installation, and maintenance of all systems to ensure maximum security and reliability. We optimize systems to prevent crime and create a safer work environment.

    We provide more than protection. We provide priceless peace of mind.

    The Industry of Remote Guarding

    Remote guarding and monitoring service is a significant evolution in the safety and security industry, and it’s not an overstatement to say that it is revolutionizing the way sites are protected. Remote guarding allows you to reduce risk through effective security measures, increasing your total business awareness and control of your site. It is event-driven and can be configured to respond to an array of different triggers. Remote guarding and manned video surveillance by digital security guards can be used to augment traditional onsite guarding, or even substitute for it in certain situations. Increasingly sophisticated technology coupled with competitive product pricing and the ability to integrate with existing systems has made this capability an attractive reality for more businesses today.


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