Comprehensive Shopping Mall Security Systems

One or two security guards on the ground can’t possibly see everything that we can. Remote guarding offers around-the-clock protection for shopping malls and retail centers.


How Secure Is Your Mall, Really?

Shopping malls and complex retail spaces like outdoor shopping centers face unique logistical requirements when trying to properly secure them. Whether it’s guarding inventory from shoplifters, crowd control, or emergency response, there are a lot of moving parts in these facilities — moving parts that realistically can never be adequately covered by a few bored and untrained security guards on the ground.

Galaxy Protection offers something different. We’ll design a custom remote guarding solution for your mall, retail outlet, or shopping center that ensures our mall security system is always watching and recording every inch of your property. With plenty of mall security cameras and advanced technology like facial recognition and crowd monitoring, our expert team can respond to a wide variety of threats and security breaches with real-time, two-way intervention.

Our shopping mall and retail security system design is always customized to each site. Let us analyze yours with a free site consultation.

    On average, Virtual Security Guards pay for themselves in 9 months compared to a traditional on-site guard.

    When A Security Event Occurs…

    Our trained security operatives provide rapid, thoughtful assessment of the situation in real time, via multiple HD video feeds

    The remote security team will scrutinize the event to make sure it’s not a false alarm or a weather event

    Next, a virtual security officer may intervene via two-way audio

    If appropriate, we will personally summon law enforcement and apprise them of the developing situation

    Why Galaxy Protection
    Shopping Mall Security Systems?

    Spaces with several retail stores and wide spaces for the public to gather are inherently complex, constantly evolving and dynamic situations. If you’re relying on millions of dollars worth of merchandise and infrastructure to be properly guarded by a few sleepy, underpaid and untrained guards on the ground, you are leaving yourself susceptible to loss. Galaxy Protection will plug that weak spot instantly. Instead of relying on your shopping center to be protected by a guard who strolls along at their own pace, Galaxy Protection offers a team of trained agents constantly monitoring your premises in real-time, via multiple independent HD video streams.

    Our Security For Shopping Malls And Retail Centers Includes…

    • Shopping Mall CCTV Security Systems (HD)
    • Advanced analytics and data reports based on our monitoring
    • Advanced facial recognition technology and crowd analysis technology
    • Full installation and security plan design
    • Two-way audio to interact with individuals on the site

    Don’t Forget To Shop
    For Security.

    Some shopping centers are so focused on retail sales,
    they forget to guard their investment.

    From installation to logistics to security measures, Galaxy Protection is a
    turnkey shopping center security solution.

    Many warehouses have unique logistics. Let us analyze yours with a free site consultation.

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