24/7 Security For Parking Facilities

Our parking lot security systems take a 360 approach: we’re not just watching, we’re ready to intervene the moment an incident occurs. Remote guarding can make sure that no criminal feels like they can hide in your parking structure.

Everyone Should Feel Safe In Your Parking Lot

Parking lot security surveillance has come a long way since the days of fuzzy, standard definition CCTVs and a sleepy “rent-a-guard” hunched over at their post. And rightfully so, since the U.S. Bureau of Justice found that more than 1 in 10 property crimes in the entire country occur in parking lots or parking facilities.

Let’s face it: often times, criminals think they can hide in parking structures because these facilities are often massive and filled with dark corners where they feel like they are unseen. No amount of parking lot security tips will help one or two untrained guards effectively secure your entire facility. Instead, you need a 21st century solution to prevent your parking garage or lot from becoming a serious liability.

Remote guarding for medium or large sized parking facilities and outside lots gives you the confidence to know that you’re doing everything you can to keep your guests safe at all times. Galaxy Protection will design a custom security plan for your parking facility, followed by around the clock monitoring of the premises in real-time. If an incident occurs, we’ll be intervening within mere seconds… literally.

Every parking lot or structure has its own security concerns. Let us analyze yours with a free site consultation.

    On average, Virtual Security Guards pay for themselves in 9 months compared to a traditional on-site guard.

    When A Security Event Occurs...

    Our highly trained security operatives will confirm the event is taking place, and will decide upon the most appropriate course of action

    The remote security team will review the event via your custom parking lot video surveillance system to make sure it’s not a false alarm

    Depending on the security incident, a virtual security officer may intervene via two-way audio to communicate with (or deter) the suspect

    If appropriate, the Galaxy Protection team will summon law enforcement as the incident develops, and inform them of all pertinent details

    Why Get Parking Lot Remote Guarding & Monitoring Services?

    Parking lots and structures are probably some of the most challenging facilities to guard via traditional means (i.e., ‘boots on the ground’). To protect your business, your vehicles, and your staff or guests, you need to take a more technologically savvy approach. Galaxy Protection will design and install a totally custom remote guarding system in your parking lot that ensures you have eyes watching every nook and cranny at all times. Meanwhile, advanced technology such as license plate recognition can be an incredible lifesaver if an event does occur and you need to provide information to law enforcement or insurance carriers.

    Our Parking Facility Security Services Include…

    • Advanced, customized remote parking lot surveillance camera system (HD, separate server)
    • Advanced analytics and reports based on our monitoring data
    • Sophisticated facial and license plate recognition technology
    • Complete installation and security plan design
    • Two-way audio to intervene in the moment as a security event unfolds


    Trusted Security Consultants For Parking Lots and Structures.

    We’ll handle every aspect of security from A to Z, so that
    you can feel at ease that your parking facility isn’t a breeding ground for crime.

    Every parking lot or structure is different, and its design informs every aspect of our approach. Let us analyze yours with a
    free site consultation.

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