Modern Airport Security Solutions

Our airport security cameras aren’t just recording… they’re providing a crystal-clear HD feed to our live security operatives, who are ready to act in real-time to prevent or stop any threat the moment it arises.

Airport Security Systems That Leverage Advanced Technology

In the 21st century, airport security technology has progressed leaps and bounds beyond the days of grainy footage and underpaid patrol guards. There’s a vast number of increasingly sophisticated threats that an airport needs to be on guard against, and it’s critical that your facility stays two steps ahead of those who would do harm to your staff and travelers.

At Galaxy Protection, we’re putting incredible technology like facial recognition, license plate recognition, and real-time crowd analysis in the reach of even the smallest airports. We’re offering a way to simultaneously save money and tighten up security — and for many airports who haven’t updated their protection infrastructure in a while, this is a sorely needed option.

With remote security monitoring from Galaxy Protection, you’re getting a team of trained operatives with backgrounds in military, law enforcement, and private security. They’ll exclusively watch every inch of your airport, ready to respond to threats as they develop. The precious seconds and minutes saved by a remote guard who’s watching in real-time can mean the difference between business as usual and an unspeakable tragedy.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution for airtight airport security. Let us analyze your airport with a free site consultation.

    On average, Virtual Security Guards pay for themselves in 9 months compared to a traditional on-site guard.

    When A Security Event Occurs...

    There's a lot of activity going on at all times at an airport -- our highly trained security operatives first scrutinize all information to understand what is unfolding

    The remote security team will confer and verify the event to ensure it's not a false alarm, weather event, or other red herring

    Depending on the security incident, a virtual security officer may intervene via two-way audio to communicate with (or deter) the suspect

    If appropriate, the Galaxy Protection team will summon law enforcement as the incident develops and inform them of all pertinent details, giving police a crucial head start

    Why Get Remote Guarding For Airports?

    Airports are some of the most difficult and complex sites to protect in existence. As a frequent target for crime and violence, airports have the unusual position of knowing that they are highly likely to be targeted by individuals who wish to do harm. In such a scenario, it’s beyond critical to have the best possible security infrastructure in place to take an active role in preventing and stopping threats of all kinds. If it’s been a while since your airport has invested in security technology, you’ll probably be shocked at just how affordable cutting-edge security has become. Galaxy Protection offers a turnkey solution to airport security that’s so much more than a network of HD cameras. It’s a passionate team that’s watching your back at all times, able to shave critical seconds off of law enforcement’s response to any security event.

    Our Airport Security Services Include…

    • Advanced, customized indoor and outdoor airport security camera system (HD, separate server)
    • Advanced analytics and reports based on our monitoring data
    • Sophisticated facial and license plate recognition technology
    • Total turnkey installation and security plan design
    • Two-way audio to potentially intervene in the moment as a security event unfolds


    Trusted Security Consultants For Airports Of All Sizes.

    We’ll handle every aspect of airport security from A to Z, so that
    you can be confident your airport isn’t a soft target for crime or terrorism.

    Every airport is different, and its overall design informs every aspect of our approach. Let us analyze yours with a
    free site consultation.

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