Comprehensive Factory Security Systems

There’s many reasons why it’s critical to secure your factory operations, and we can help with all of them. Whether you want to curb crime, monitor quality, or gather productivity data, Galaxy Protection can help.

Improve Productivity And Peace Of Mind

Whether it’s large, small, or somewhere in between, it’s a good bet that your factory is a bustling hub of activity for much of the week. There’s a lot going on — and there’s a lot that slip through the cracks. Those security vulnerabilities need to be stamped out, for reasons of employee safety, liability, and productivity. If you’re still relying on low-tech, old-fashioned CCTV cameras for your factory, chances are you’ve got some serious vulnerability issues. The fact is, video surveillance for factories has evolved significantly since the days of fuzzy, standard definition footage that can be “monitored” by a questionably trained on-site guard.

The security systems installation for factories provided by Galaxy Protection goes way beyond mere surveillance monitoring. Our cutting-edge equipment and methods put the kind of technology in your hands that until recently seemed more at home in a science fiction movie. Facial recognition, license plate recognition for your parking lot, heat mapping, personnel movement data — we can do it all.

Best of all, our expertly trained team can intervene and interact with your site in real-time, helping to stop security events and solve problems before they get out of control.

Every factory has its own logistical and security needs. Let us analyze yours with a free site consultation.

    On average, Virtual Security Guards pay for themselves in 9 months compared to a traditional on-site guard.

    When A Security Event Occurs...

    Our highly trained security operatives will confirm an event is actually happening, and will confer to determine the most appropriate course of action

    The remote security team will scrutinize the event via your custom-placed factory security cameras to make sure it’s not a false alarm

    A virtual security officer may intervene via two-way audio and other interactive measures to communicate with (or deter) the suspect

    If appropriate, the Galaxy Protection team will summon law enforcement as the incident develops, and immediately apprise them of the situation

    Why Get Remote Guarding & Security Camera Systems For Your Factory?

    Surveillance cameras in factories are only as useful as the people monitoring them. By selecting Galaxy Protection as your turnkey factory security solution, you’re getting real, live, trained security experts to monitor your site. These are folks who have pertinent experience in security, law enforcement, and even military applications. We’ll be watching and recording the happenings in your factory, so that you can set your mind at ease in regards to issues of crime, insurance liability, and even productivity. Our staff can provide you with comprehensive data reports that summarize matters of productivity, crowd flow, and more, leading to streamlined and more cost-effective operations across the board.

    Our Factory Security Services Include…

    • Advanced, customized remote parking lot surveillance camera system (HD, separate server)
    • Advanced analytics and reports based on our monitoring data
    • Access control systems for factories
    • Sophisticated facial and license plate recognition technology
    • Complete installation and security plan design
    • Two-way audio to intervene in the moment as a security event unfolds


    Trusted Security Consultants For Factories Large And Small.

    We’ll handle every aspect of security from A to Z, so that
    you can feel at ease knowing your factory’s operations are being scrutinized and recorded.

    Every factory site is different, and its layout and unique needs will inform every aspect of our approach. Let us analyze yours with a
    free site consultation.

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