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Galaxy Protection’s Remote Monitoring Service

Gives businesses a cutting-edge technological advantage to safeguard their facilities and assets. Remote guarding is the future for businesses and facilities who require constant surveillance, fast response time and video data analytics. Below is a quick preview of how remote guarding works:

  1. Site Evaluation
  2. Remote CCTV Installation
  3. Analyze Business Intelligence
  4. Access Control

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    Site Evaluation

    Here’s the reality: there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to site security in the 21st century. Different businesses have different needs and logistical challenges, which is why the first step in securing your business is a comprehensive site evaluation. We’ll analyze your facility from every angle to come up with the ideal custom remote security solution for your business.

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    A technologically advanced remote security setup comes with a lot of equipment and installation considerations. Our job is to make that process as hands-off for you as possible. We’ll take care of every last detail, ensuring that your video monitoring infrastructure is both robust and unobtrusive. Our team is highly skilled and experienced, which means you can expect the job to be done to the highest standards of professionalism.

    Live Monitoring

    Now that your remote security system is in place, our elite guarding operations team consisting largely of former law enforcement, military, and security experts will begin around the clock live monitoring. As a Galaxy Protection client, your business is constantly studied by our team in terms of what threats to look for and what constitutes a security event at your site. If necessary, the team is ready to respond in real time to any event.

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    Business Intelligence

    The sheer volume of manned surveillance Galaxy Protection will conduct for your location results in a treasure trove of valuable business data that can be leveraged to improve your ROI and operations. From heat mapping, to crowd counts, and virtually every related metric imaginable, our team will provide you with curated reports detailing what we’ve observed — and how you can use that intel to your advantage.

    Access Control

    If your facility requires remote door, gate, or access control for particular individuals, we can provide that service around the clock. We are equipped and capable to provide this service for facilities requiring even the strictest levels of security clearance. Remember, Galaxy Protection provides live, manned remote guarding services, meaning a real, human operator is actively managing your security protocols at all times.

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