24/7 Warehouse Security System

Your warehouse is a vault. Secure it like one. Remote guarding represents a revolution in warehouse security.

Is Your Warehouse Using Outdated Security Measures?

You wouldn’t want your bank to secure your account with technology from the 1990s — so why would you accept outdated security measures for your warehouse and inventory? One or two guards on foot simply cannot effectively guard against the increasingly sophisticated and rapid nature of modern theft, vandalism, and criminal practices.

With Galaxy Protection, you know you’re getting a state-of-the-art HD warehouse video surveillance system that is watching and recording your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike traditional security guards, we don’t sleep; which means that if a security event happens, we’re aware of it instantly and responding in real time. Not only that, but our high-resolution video evidence can be literally invaluable when it comes to defending against an unjust Workers’ Compensation claim.

Every warehouse site is unique. Let us analyze yours with a free site consultation.

    On average, Galaxy Protection’s remote guarding security system is 70% less expensive than a traditional on-site guard and pays for itself within 9 months.

    When A Security Event Occurs…

    Our security operatives monitor your warehouse in real time, via multiple HD video feeds

    The remote security team will assess the event to make sure it’s not a false alarm or a weather event

    Next, a virtual security officer may intervene via two-way audio

    If appropriate, we will personally summon law enforcement and apprise them of the developing situation

    Why Galaxy Protection
    For Warehouse Security?

    As methods of theft and vandalism become more sophisticated, it’s necessary to have a security solution at your warehouse that leverages the technology that’s out there and available. A fully networked and manned 24-hour HD video surveillance system is no longer an option that’s out of reach for the average business owner or warehouse operator. In fact, we’ve reached the point where it’s both a cheaper and more effective option than hiring a single sleepy security guard to “patrol” your premises. Galaxy Protection can offer state-of-the-art, turnkey remote guarding — staffed by real, trained experts… not a “rent-a-guard.”

    Our Security For Warehouses Includes…

    • Warehouse CCTV Security Systems (HD)
    • Full installation and security plan design
    • Advanced analytics and data reports based on our monitoring
    • Two-way audio to interact with individuals on the site
    • Facial recognition technology and license plate recognition technology

    Your Goods. Your Assets. Our Responsibility.

    A cutting-edge warehouse video
    surveillance system will help you sleep
    better at night.

    From installation to logistics to security measures, Galaxy
    Protection is a turnkey warehouse security solution.

    Many warehouses have unique logistics. Let us analyze yours with a free site consultation.

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