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Remote guarding represents a revolution in construction site security.

A Fence Is Not Enough To Protect Your Construction Site.

Your construction site is a veritable cache of valuable goods, with important tools, appliances, and raw materials like copper lying around, often in plain sight. Add that to the fact that construction sites have a reputation for being relatively unguarded, and you’ve got a hotbed for unwanted illegal activity. Let’s face it: a fence and a minimally trained on-site “guard” should not be the extent of your construction site security checklist.

Galaxy Protection can install custom CCTV systems and virtual guarding infrastructure, transforming your site from an unguarded magnet for criminals to a fortress with no stone left unturned. Our elite team is ready to intervene via two-way audio or contact law enforcement in real time, drastically deterring incidents before they have a chance to develop.

Every construction site is unique. Let us analyze yours with a free site consultation.

    On average, Galaxy Protection’s remote guarding security system is 70% less expensive than a traditional on-site guard and pays for itself within 9 months.

    When A Security Event Occurs…

    Our security operatives

    monitor your construction site in real time, via multiple HD video feeds
    The remote security team will assess the event to make sure it’s not a false alarm or a weather event
    Next, a virtual security officer may intervene via two-way audio
    If appropriate, we will personally summon law enforcement and apprise them of the developing situation

    Why Galaxy Protection
    For Construction Security?

    Galaxy Protection is an industry leader in construction site remote guarding and video security. Security for construction sites takes a particular knowledge of the challenges and opportunities involved in guarding locations that are often open-air, sprawling, and filled with valuable equipment.

    Our staff is carefully chosen, and our virtual security guards are comprised largely of former military, law enforcement, and security experts. When you request a site consultation, we’ll come to you and determine the unique logistics involved in securing your facility. Then, we’ll install a customized network of HD cameras and two-way audio capability… with a totally dedicated and separate internet connection. Galaxy Protection offers turnkey construction site security procedures and solutions that will let you rest easy knowing that we’re standing vigilant 24/7 to protect your interests.

    Our Security For Construction Sites Includes…

    • Construction Site CCTV Security Systems (HD)
    • Full installation and security plan design
    • Advanced analytics and data reports based on our monitoring
    • Two-way audio to interact with individuals on the site
    • Facial recognition technology and license plate recognition technology

    Don’t Forget To Construct
    Your Defenses.

    Let us guard your site: you focus on

    From installation to logistics to security measures,
    Galaxy Protection is a turnkey construction site
    security solution.

    Every construction site is different. Let us analyze yours with a free site consultation.

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