24/7 Security For Property Management


Protect your residents and your real estate assets effectively… and affordably. Remote guarding offers around-the- clock protection for apartment complexes and property management companies.

Reliable Security Is A Cornerstone Of Property Management

Both prospective residents and current residents of apartment or condo complexes have one priority above all others: to feel safe. As a property management company, you want to provide security for your tenants, but you also understand the importance of budget and expenditure management. Traditional “boots on the ground” options for an apartment building security system are typically either affordable, or effective — but never both. Unless you have a near army of motivated guards, it’s impossible for on-site security to be everywhere at once.

With Galaxy Protection, you can get a cutting-edge remote guarding solution for your complex that won’t break the bank. Our team will design and install a custom security plan that revolves around two main components: a network of HD video cameras recording everything at all times; and a team back at our headquarters that monitors the events taking place in real time. That’s not just an effective way of keeping your residents safe — it’s a selling point to entice future tenants to move in.

Every apartment complex or residential property has unique security needs. Let us analyze yours with a free site consultation.

    On average, Virtual Security Guards pay for themselves in 9 months compared to a traditional on-site guard.

    When A Security Event Occurs…

    Our highly skilled security operatives will verify the event taking place and decide upon the most appropriate course of action

    The remote security team will scrutinize the event via your apartment or condo complex’s CCTV (HD) security camera system to make sure it’s not a false alarm or a weather event

    A virtual security officer may intervene via two-way audio to communicate with or deter the suspect

    If appropriate, the Galaxy Protection team will summon law enforcement right then and there, and inform them of all pertinent details

    Why Get Remote Security Monitoring
    For A Large Apartment Complex

    The advances in security systems over just the last few years have come in leaps and bounds. Gone are the days of grainy camera footage from limited angles (that may or may not be actually saved). An on-site security guard prone to taking naps on the job? Forget about it.

    Remote guarding captures what’s happening on your property in crystal-clear HD from the most important angles. Technology like facial recognition and heat mapping gives valuable data points to assist in legal and law enforcement matters. And a team of highly trained operatives watching your feed in real-time, able to intervene in the moment, is just the cherry on top. Galaxy Protection is the whole package: a turnkey solution that lets you turn your attention to the day-to- day matters of running a property management business.

    Our Property Management Security Services Include…

    • Advanced, customized remote surveillance camera system (HD, separate server)
    • Advanced analytics and reports based on our monitoring data
    • Sophisticated facial recognition technology and license plate recognition
    • Full installation and security plan design
    • Two-way audio to intervene in the moment as a security event unfolds

    Trusted Security Consultants For Property Management Companies.


    We’ll handle every detail of security so that
    you can focus on the day-to- day necessities
    of property management.


    From installation, to intervention, to tracking
    and data: Galaxy Protection is a turnkey
    property management security system solution.

    Every apartment or condo complex is different, and the property’s design informs every aspect of our approach. Let us analyze your property with a
    free site consultation.

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