4 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Outdated CCTV Security System

  • By Galaxy Protection
  • Feb 18, 2019

This article is directed at you: the well-meaning business owner with a ton on your plate, but one lingering to-do item that’s long overdue. You know those one or two rusty old “security cameras” that, if they even still work, record in grainy low resolution and may not even work? Those aren’t helping to protect anyone or anything. In fact, they’re a glaring red alert to would-be thieves and criminals that your place of business is a prime target. When you forget to secure your assets, you’re inviting disaster. Today, we’re looking at 4 reasons why that crusty old CCTV security system of yours needs to go — and be replaced by a fresh, state-of-the-art remote surveillance plan by Galaxy Protection.


#1 – Criminals Are Getting Smarter

In the age of the internet and digital connectivity, if you think that thieves, robbers, and vandals aren’t getting smarter… you’re sorely mistaken. Your one or two ancient camera placements are simply too easy to exploit. Did you try to cut corners and install those fake cameras in your business? A two second search on Amazon will reveal the truth about your decoys. Meanwhile, if your cameras are recording in terrible standard definition resolution, even the simplest disguise will make it impossible to track down the suspects. Criminals and those who would do harm to your business are using technology to get away with their crimes — so why aren’t you leveraging technology to fight back?

Galaxy Protection can bring your business back into a position of superiority when it comes to security measures. We can design, install, and monitor an incredibly thorough system that strikes fear into the hearts of would-be criminals after just a quick glance. Our massive data collection resources can help identify suspects, research foot traffic patterns, and use recognition software to hunt down anyone who comes near your premises. Don’t leave yourself wide open to crime, because today’s tech-savvy criminals are salivating at your rusty or non-existent CCTV security camera system.


#2 – Technology Has Gotten Cheaper

One of the main things we hear from business owners and managers is that they’d like to upgrade their video surveillance system, but that it’s “too expensive.” While that may have been true in 2009, things are a lot different in 2019. In fact, we’ve run the numbers for you — and a comprehensive remote guarding package from Galaxy Protection, which includes real-time monitoring and all installation/equipment, is less expensive after a year than a security guard. Galaxy Protection won’t just design and install your security system: we’ll put our team of operatives to work actively monitoring your business, live, 24/ 7. That means trained eyes watching your footage in real time to help deal with threats as they arise.

Not only that, but critical security tools like facial recognition, license plate recognition, and remote access — which seem straight out of a James Bond movie — are now easily accessible for businesses of any size. Cast aside your misconceptions about the cost of upgrading your old CCTV system, and realize that the future is right here, right now, with Galaxy Protection.


#3 – Insurance Purposes

If you’re looking to secure a lower premium from your insurer, or you need ironclad video evidence to protect against a bogus claim against you, there’s no question that upgrading to Galaxy Protection gives a huge boost to your insurance situation. Law enforcement personnel also greatly appreciate having crystal-clear HD footage of the crime in question, and possessing such quality evidence makes dealing with them and your insurance provider much more streamlined.

Additionally, we’ve found that large warehouse-type facilities are retaining our services as a countermeasure against the growing problem of false workers compensation claims. Far too few of these types of sites have adequate surveillance in place, making it unfortunately easy for a disgruntled or dishonest employee to assert something that didn’t really happen. When Galaxy Protection designs your security plan, however, workers comp scams at your business will immediately be a thing of the past. We understand how to put together sight lines and coverage areas that leave no major blind spots for this type of fraud to occur.


#4 – The Power Of Deterrence

Whether you’re trying to keep employees honest or let criminals know that your business isn’t to be reckoned with, the presence of Galaxy Protection equipment is an effective deterrent. Your rusty old camcorders that look like they haven’t been in working order since the 90’s, on the other hand…

Plus, how much peace of mind will it bring you to know that your entire site’s CCTV system can be retrofitted into a modern, HD, technology-empowered network that’s keeping you safe around the clock? Remember, Galaxy Protection doesn’t just provide and install the necessary equipment. We actively monitor your video feeds to deter crimes in progress, even utilizing two-way audio in the process to communicate directly with the suspect. If a crime does occur, we’ll be on the phone with local law enforcement describing the appearance and behavior of the criminal before they’ve even left your premises.

Shift the advantage away from criminals and onto your business. You’ve worked too hard to leave your valuable assets vulnerable to crime. It’s time to upgrade your CCTV security system and switch to virtual guarding with Galaxy Protection.

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