How Does Remote Guarding Protection Work?

  • By Galaxy Protection
  • Jan 30, 2018

One of the biggest concerns for large businesses is security. It can be expensive to make sure a large facility is properly protected. Most companies use equip their facility with standard cameras and alarms. This is the most inexpensive option, but can be easily exploited or overridden and can cause false alarms. Other businesses rely on on-site security guards, but that can be expensive… and overnight guards come with their own set of issues. Fortunately, there is an alternative in the form of a remote video monitoring service.


How Remote Guarding Works

Remote guarding is a sort of hybrid. It combines on-site cameras and alarm systems with live security guards monitoring the facility. First, cutting-edge HD cameras are installed in strategic places around the facility. From an off-site location, human security professionals monitor the cameras from an network access control system. Companies have the option of having their facility monitored 24/7, only when it is open, or only when it is closed. This gives the business flexibility in pricing and customizes the quality of coverage received.


Types of Protection With Remote Guarding

Having live security professionals monitoring your facility has a variety of benefits. If suspicious activity is detected, the remote guard can immediately notify the authorities and have them on premises quickly. This eliminates the lag that occurs when only an alarm is used. Making sure authorities get to the site in a timely manner can lower or even eliminate the loss of important inventory and structural damage to the building.

False alarms caused by faulty equipment or an employee accident can also occur with traditional alarm setups. With live remote monitoring, the security professional can easily detect and disarm any false alarm that is detected. False alarms can take valuable time and resources away from local law enforcement who could be responding to more important calls.

With remote guarding, all areas of your facility can be monitored at once, instead of just where alarms are set. Anywhere a camera can be set up can be monitored, including all entrances and exits, windows and alternative entry points, and even exterior fencing and structures. This gives you the peace of mind that there is not a weakness in your security that can be exploited.


Benefits of Remote Guarding

There are many benefits with remote access control security systems. It is much less expensive than hiring an on-site service, but offers more protection than simple cameras and alarms. Live security professionals can also notify you of security issues in real time. If an employee accidentally left a door open, or forgot to set an alarm, you can be notified so you can remedy the issue.

By posting notifications that your site is being remotely monitored can deter more security breaches. Law enforcement officials actually state that having remote security lowers the number of break-ins. It also lowers the number of false alarms by almost 99 percent, preventing law enforcement from sending out needless responders. Having actual people monitoring the cameras can aid law enforcement even more by giving the responding officers real-time updates about the state of the security breach.

The security of a big business is a top priority for business owners. Spending too much money on coverage that is either not adequate or over-saturated can bite into a company’s bottom line. Having a remote guarding service gives you customizable options in terms of coverage times, the reliability of having a live professional monitor every inch of your facility, and making sure any security breaches are handled in a swift manner without bringing law enforcement to your business on a false alarm. Remote guarding is the best of both security worlds and is a sound investment for any business.

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