Remote Guarding & On-Site Security Guards: A Perfect Match

  • By Galaxy Protection
  • Nov 28, 2018

If you’re looking to hire an on-site guard in Los Angeles, consider following the recent industry trend: combining on-the-ground effectiveness with the innovations of remote guarding. When you provide your on-site security guard with the backup of a full virtual guarding team (that has the ability to monitor the premises and signal for help in real time), you create an unbeatably secure business that will bring you peace of mind.


A Synergistic Approach To Site Security

If you’re researching security guard companies to choose a protective solution for your business, you might need a refresher on security in 2018. There’s no question that an on-site guard acts as a tremendous deterrent to would-be criminals, but the reality is that 21st century thieves and vandals have gotten a lot smarter. In our technologically connected world, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when evaluating the true effectiveness of one security guard by themselves.

When you have tech-savvy, organized criminals observing guard behavior and patterns, suddenly your single security person has much of their effectiveness neutralized. And when thieves use advanced equipment like drones or software hacking tools, your guard is simply at too great a disadvantage to properly protect your assets.

That’s why more and more businesses are augmenting their security guard presence with the affordable reliability of a remote guarding team. Live video monitoring companies like Galaxy Protection are able to watch every nook and cranny of your business in real time to help provide intelligence as well as actionable deterrents as a crime unfolds. A security guard company can provide a trained guard, but a fully-featured remote guarding company offers a far more advanced and tangibly effective approach to crime mitigation.


Remote Guarding Offers New Possibilities

Consider this scenario: a team of three well-organized criminals plans a quick heist of a cannabis dispensary. They’ve monitored the location for weeks, observing patterns in guard timing, peak hours, and traffic considerations. When they finally make their move, the on-site guard is outnumbered and unable to safely interrupt the crime in progress. As one criminal watches the guard, the other two clean out the cash and assets from the dispensary. A fourth member has been circling the block, ready to swoop by and take all 4 criminals to a pre-planned safehouse to celebrate their gains.

In this scenario, the security guard would meet with law enforcement, and attempt to recount as much of the event as they can accurately remember. Perhaps one or two grainy surveillance camera feeds are available to offer pieces of what happened. In the end, the dispensary owner has a spooked community, shell-shocked security guard, and a long fight with the bank or insurance company ahead to recoup their losses.

Now let’s replay the scenario with the security guard having access to the remote guarding team at Galaxy Protection. When the criminals first enter, the security guard already is less stressed, because they know a live team is watching the event occur, and is already calling local law enforcement. As the first criminal watches the guard, the other two head to the back room where the cash safe is — but the Galaxy Protection team has already remotely locked the door to that room, with no way to re-open it onsite. Meanwhile, another Galaxy team member is running facial recognition database software to see if any of the criminals can be identified. Another remote guard is running the getaway car’s license plate and preparing a report for local police so that they have as much information as possible to track down the perpetrators. Finally, the business owner has high-resolution, indisputable proof of the event from every imaginable angle, making insurance claims a straightforward breeze.

The choice is clear: if you’re ready to protect your business, you need to take advantage of the advances in security technology over the last few years. It’s the only prudent way to be able to claim that your assets are truly being guarded at all times.

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