What Is Remote Guarding?

  • By Galaxy Protection
  • Jul 02, 2018

Galaxy Protection is a national leader in designing, implementing, and providing remote guarding services to businesses both big and small. Through careful planning, extensive virtual guard training and qualification, and thoughtful execution, we’re showing business owners that technologically advanced, ironclad security doesn’t need to cost a fortune.


So, What Is Remote Guarding?


The fundamental concept of remote guarding (sometimes called ‘virtual guarding’) is simple: by and large, security systems in place throughout America have not kept pace with advances in technology. And as a result, savvy criminals have gained the upper hand when it comes to theft, robbery, and even violent crime.


That’s because outdated methods of protection (like one or two sleepy security guards that may or may not be patrolling their post at 3am) are simply no longer adequate to protect complex sites. Remote guarding offers a revolutionary alternative: installation of a sophisticated HD camera network, monitored in real time by a veteran security team made up of ex-law enforcement, military, and private security personnel.


Here’s Why You Need Remote Guarding From Galaxy Protection


  • The Team
    • There’s simply no substitute for having a security team of virtual guards that’s made up of smart, quality people. The highly trained security experts monitoring your business have extensive qualifications that allow them to think dynamically, critically, and intelligently about how to best protect you.

  • The Technology
    • Facial recognition. License plate recognition. Heat mapping. Remote access to sensitive areas. Think all of that sounds more like a James Bond movie than real life? Think again. This technology is now affordably available to even small and mid-sized businesses who hire Galaxy Protection’s digital guards.

  • The Intervention
    • When a security event does occur, your virtual guards will not stand idly by: they’ll already be in communication with local law enforcement, providing them with invaluable details about the suspect and the nature of the event. If appropriate, other digital guards will be able to communicate with the criminals via two-way audio, which often deters and immediately ends a security event in progress.

  • The Savings
    • Nobody would argue that remote guarding isn’t significantly more effective than traditional low-pay security guards. For most business owners, it’s a matter of cost — and the mistaken idea that virtual guarding is prohibitively expensive. In fact, remote guarding pays for itself on average 9 months after installation, and is actually less expensive than traditional guards.



What You’ll Get With Remote Guarding From Galaxy Protection


Camera System Design & Installation

It all starts with the monitoring equipment. Our team will learn your site inside and out, designing a totally custom HD camera network design that ensures we can keep tabs on every nook and cranny. Then, we’ll install everything ourselves — including a dedicated server to send the footage directly to our headquarters. You won’t have to lift a finger during this process: Galaxy Protection is a total turnkey solution for virtual guarding.


Live Monitoring From Digital Guards

After your monitoring system is up and running, you’ll have access to around the clock, live monitoring of your premises by your virtual guard team. And unlike Joe, the sleepy on-site security guard who should have retired years ago, we don’t fall asleep at our post. Your rotating virtual guard team takes their live monitoring duties extremely seriously.


Critical Evidence Retention

If a crime does take place, you’ll have crystal-clear footage of it from every angle. That’s a huge boost to law enforcement as well as your insurance claim process. Speaking of insurance, with remote guarding you’ll never have to worry about a false worker’s comp claim ever again — we’ll have indisputable proof of exactly what happens on site.


Cutting-Edge Security Tech

From facial and license plate recognition to two-way audio that lets us interface with an intruder or criminal, you’ll have access to the same kinds of security technology that used to only be in reach of the biggest businesses.


Are You Relying On Outdated Security Techniques To Guard Your Livelihood?


Features And Benefits of Remote Guarding


Here are just a few of the problems that are solved when you hire Galaxy Protection to remotely guard your business:


  • Eliminate False Alarms
  • Deter Crimes In Progress
  • Get Indisputable HD Video Evidence
  • Prevent Bad-Faith Worker’s Comp Claims
  • Improve Your Relationship With Law Enforcement
  • Save Money On Insurance Premiums/Deductibles



It all starts with a phone call. The friendly team at Galaxy Protection is ready to come provide you a free on-site consultation to show you how we can design your custom security plan.


Your business and your valuable inventory or assets are your life… so why would you practically leave the front door unlocked by utilizing outdated security methods?


Criminals use the latest technology — and so should you. Protect yourself. Get remote guarding from Galaxy Protection.

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