Property Management Security Systems Are Turning To Remote Guarding

  • By Galaxy Protection
  • Sep 28, 2018

For HOAs and property management companies over the last few years, the rise of remote guarding has been a godsend. Once considered too costly for small or medium sized complexes, this incredible security technology has officially hit the mainstream thanks to affordable quality providers.


Home Is Where Your Guard Is

Just look around. In condos and apartment complexes everywhere, ancient, rusted, and outdated property management security cameras can be found still clinging to their perch. As security infrastructure ages into ineffectiveness, thieves, vandals, and violent individuals are improving their methods of criminality to bypass what weak security exists on most residential properties. Most commercial outdoor security cameras found on residential complexes still record in standard definition, many of them to an actual physical device that simply records over itself again and again. Some complexes install fake cameras that don’t even record at all!


But if you ask a typical resident, they’d say that they care quite a bit about receiving property management security services that actually offer protection. An apartment complex’s tenants, or the residents of an HOA-overseen condo, wouldn’t be too happy to find out that in the aftermath of a major security event, almost nothing was in place to guard them. Most property management companies are well aware that their security systems need updating, but are under the mistaken impression that improved security technology will cost an arm and a leg.


Not so when it comes to¬†remote guarding¬†— a fancy term that means having a team of real, live security professionals monitoring an expansive network of HD cameras positioned around your site in real-time. Commercial grade security camera systems have come incredibly far over the last half decade, allowing widespread access to security features that previously seemed to be in reach only of the ultra-wealthy.


Real-Time Resident Protection

Remote guarding for your residential property complex starts with design and installation. At Galaxy Protection, a highly specialized team of security professionals will analyze your site, including potential blind spots, bottlenecks, and entry routes — and they’ll install a network of ultra high resolution cameras to monitor all those areas. But remote guarding is so much more than just surveillance: with features like facial recognition, license plate recognition, and even HOA security systems with access control, you can feel more secure than ever before.


That’s partially because if a security event does happen on your residential complex, it’s being watched and addressed as it unfolds by a trained team of security operatives. They have a wide variety of strategies at their disposal, including two-way audio to deter the suspect, the ability to alert law enforcement with highly specific details, and even advanced recognition software to try and ID the criminal before they escape. As you can see, when a security infrastructure is aged and ineffective, the criminal has the upper hand — but when you invest in remote guarding, there is absolutely no way the criminal can have the advantage.


In fact, Galaxy Protection has found that once the suspect realizes that they’re being watched and that security can speak with them remotely, they often flee the scene immediately. That means that remote guarding works much of the time as a deterrent as well. Plus, for matters of insurance claims or law enforcement requests, having access to a definite record of what happened can be exactly what a property management company needs to protect their own interests.

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