Remote Guarding Is The Perfect Cannabis Security Plan

  • By Galaxy Protection
  • Oct 02, 2018

Interested in getting remote protection for your dispensary or grow facility? Contact Galaxy Protection for a free dispensary security site evaluation to see whether remote guarding is a good fit for your facility. Despite the relative recency of the cannabis industry’s emergence, Galaxy Protection has already spent hundreds of hours analyzing and addressing the unique challenges faced by cannabis businesses. We’re ready to spring into action and put a virtual guarding plan in place as soon as you’re ready to get protected.


Dispensaries, Cannabis Growing & Security Issues

Grow facility security is no small task — you’re talking about tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars of sensitive product, laid out over a potentially large area. Whether you’re worried about outdoor grow security or an indoor cultivation security plan, the bottom line is that you need an ironclad solution to site protection. Anything less simply won’t do, since you’re talking about both your assets and livelihood as well as the safety of your employees and/or customers.


Although the industry might be on the new side, Galaxy Protection’s approach to guarding sensitive facilities that house large amounts of cash on-site is far from new. When a business contracts Galaxy Protection for their security needs, our team always starts with a massive on-site evaluation to determine where our cameras and infrastructure will be installed. We design and implement plans similar to the ones you see below — but we¬†always perform a custom installation tailored to the unique needs of each individual facility.


dispensary security guardsgrow facility security plan

Click to expand examples of Galaxy Protection’s security plan designs, created for real clients.


Our network of sophisticated, cutting-edge HD cameras exist on their own server, separate from your site’s internet connection, hardened to ensure encryption and piped directly to the Galaxy Protection headquarters. There, your security team reviews your camera feeds in real-time, ready to respond to absolutely any threat that makes itself clear… at any time of day.


Remote Guarding Makes The Most Sense For Your Cannabis Security Plan

When choosing a cannabis security company, you need to think carefully about the potential challenges and tradeoffs that come with each option. Most cannabis dispensaries or grow facilities that open will exclusively opt for the old-school approach of hiring an on-site security guard and calling it a day. Although relying on a single guard might have been effective at some point years ago, that method of protection is now woefully outdated — and especially so for the unique challenges presented by the cannabis industry. Instead, consider the advantages posed by combining the instant physical presence of a security guard with an off-site remote monitoring team.


Let’s start with some of the general reasons a traditional security guard by themselves is an ineffective choice. For starters, there’s area of coverage. For a small dispensary with set business hours, that might not be a big deal; but for a sprawling grow facility, it certainly is. One armed guard can’t be everywhere at once. And believe us when we say that criminals who target cannabis facilities are not stupid: they will observe patterns and tendencies in a human guard that will be exploited to ensure the guard is distracted or neutralized in their effectiveness when the criminals make their move. On the other hand, if that guard is backed up by an entire team watching the facility in real-time, the advantage shifts to the business.


Instead of hiring one on-site guard and hoping it’s enough, you should truly protect your cannabis facility by giving your guard the assistance of remote guarding from Galaxy Protection. Our team of real, trained security operatives will be carefully monitoring your facility through a complex remote network of HD cameras featuring facial recognition, license plate recognition, and more. In fact, we can even install remote access technology that seals access to a sensitive room with the push of a button from our desk — locking would-be robbers out. With two-way audio, our team can communicate with the suspect and deter a security event in progress. Finally, when it comes to law enforcement and insurance claims, our detailed and high-resolution images of the security event will help to speed up justice and minimize any negative financial impact on your end.


Still have questions? We have answers. Contact Galaxy Protection today at 844-425-2995 or by going to our Contact page to have a free consultation with us about your cannabis facility today.

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