Remote Guarding Is Gaining Traction

  • By Galaxy Protection
  • Dec 01, 2017

Over the recent years, the terms “remote guarding” and “virtual guarding” are starting to be heard across various industries and markets, and for good reason. As concerns surrounding security and minimum wage rise, the lookout for alternative options is on every business owner’s mind. All businesses want a heightened security approach that protects their assets, but must weigh cost as a factor as well.  

Remote guarding has many benefits over the traditional security approach. Here are just a couple of the top reasons:


  1. Not limited to one place at a time – Traditional guards can only be at one place at a time, giving thieves an advantage to plot by distraction. With remote guarding, we have eyes on the entire property at all times. Our guards are capable of responding to any threat in real-time, whether they are intervening and utilizing two-way audio to deter the individual, or by escalating the situation to the local police department. The work flow process is completely customizable to your needs.
  2. Eliminates human error – As guards are tasked with mundane patrols, they are prone to errors. Not to mention, many overnight security guards are found sleeping at the guard shack! Having a system with built-in military grade analytics allows for the system to “watch” for events throughout the night, without ever missing a beat.
  3. Cost Savings – The cost of employing a security guard, whether it be in house or outsourced to a security guard company, comes with high costs and liability. Eliminate the liability, false workmen’s compensation claims, and ineffective security approach by switching to remote guarding. Traditionally, a remote guarding system pays for its self in an average of 9 months, and has a 70% savings compared to a traditional onsite guard.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. An unfortunate reality of our world is that your business that you have worked so hard for is susceptible to crime and theft. With minimum wage increasing, liability increasing, and thieves becoming more clever, there’s never been a more crucial time to review your security approach. Don’t waste another day: find out how our remote guarding solution can save you money while also providing priceless peace of mind.

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