Remote Guarding Can Watch An Auto Dealership Like A Hawk

  • By Galaxy Protection
  • Jul 10, 2018

Auto dealerships are exposed to a variety of security and safety concerns, but none quite as obvious as the fact that the inventory is left outside all night long. As technology has advanced, so have the capabilities of those who steal, commit fraud and vandalize unprepared businesses.¬†Dealership managers can no longer rely on a questionably-trained and questionably-motivated night guard as their primary strategy for providing auto dealer security. It’s a new era, and it’s time for a new approach to auto dealership security systems: remote guarding.


Remote Guarding: A Full-Time Security & Safety Solution For Car Dealerships

Auto dealerships today are complex and expansive in their operations, with some lots sprawling with inventory as far as the eye can see. Most sites include not only customer sales and auto inventory, but also repair and service departments, parts inventory and back office functions like finance and leasing which contain sensitive documents.

Despite their increased complexity, vastly expensive inventory, and array of services, many auto dealerships continue to rely on obsolete security measures to meet their challenging on-site security needs. Protection of the dealership’s valuable inventory is usually turned over to a guard who has little to no backup, authority, or control over a dynamically developing or well-organized crime event.

Enter remote guarding: a new approach to dealership security that offers technologically advanced security solutions for auto dealers, capable of meeting the complex demands of operating an auto sales business in today’s world. Sometimes called virtual guarding, this innovative security approach integrates the latest in alarm and real-time video and audio technology to provide full-time security for even the largest lots.



The inventory lot may be the most immediately visible component of the business, but it is far from the only potential source of financial loss. Internal and external thefts of parts, components and other dealership property are often written off as “shrinkage.” Not anymore. Remote guarding protects against theft and fraud by creating an accurate, indisputable digital record of all employee and customer activity, complete with facial recognition software.


Auto dealerships are dynamic environments, exposing customers and employees to a variety of hazards. Moving vehicles in lots where customers may be walking, auto repair bays, even recently mopped or waxed showroom floors can result in real or fabricated injuries and potentially frivolous lawsuits. Records created by remote guarding technology can help management identify problem safety areas and eliminate the hazard quickly. They also can provide a defense against fabricated and exaggerated injury claims and lawsuits.


An auto dealership’s inventory on the lot is its most exposed asset. Left unprotected, it is subject to vandalism and theft of parts, components and even entire vehicles. Many dealerships today continue to use outdated methods and technology to safeguard this most vulnerable asset, relying principally on roving or fixed-post guards to patrol or watch the lot at night. Time and again, experience has shown that these measures alone do not prevent theft and vandalism. However, a security program that incorporates remote guarding can greatly reduce or eliminate it.

Remote guard technology’s digital cameras with motion sensing capabilities and live, human monitoring from eyes in the sky can detect intrusions onto the property wherever they occur… whether a guard is present on-site or not. They also create a digital record of the criminal activity while alerting security personnel to respond to the specific intrusion location. This technology not only decreases theft and vandalism, but it also reduces the hazard posed by intruders to a guard responding alone at night.


Advantages of Remote Guarding

Remote guarding offers several important advantages to auto dealer security over traditional security guards and other methods. For example:

  • Remote guarding technology does not become tired, fatigued or fall asleep after hours. Your Galaxy Protection team is always on duty and always alert, and our trained, professional monitoring staff are always ready to engage any security concern immediately.
  • A lone human guard is prone to mistakes, especially when rushed, excited or confronted with multiple tasks. Remote guard technology always provides an accurate, digital record and recording of every security and safety event, staffed by a team that can work together.
  • Guards can only observe and prevent or report what they see at the moment. When a security event happens out of their presence, they can only respond after the fact. Remote guard technology provides real-time monitoring of the entire property and all security events.
  • Remote guarding offers the capability to interact with intruders anywhere on the property through the system’s two-way audio communications function, providing deterrence and the ability to have law enforcement respond to the scene at the same time.
  • Remote guarding eliminates liability and potential workers compensation claims associated with traditional guards.
  • Remote guarding reduces costs by as much as 70 percent over a traditional guard and usually pays for itself in about nine months.


Protecting an Auto Dealership’s Greatest Assets

Losses from theft, vandalism, shrinkage, fraud, frivolous lawsuits and safety concerns drain away the financial resources and most valuable assets of a dealership, putting its business health at risk. A custom tailored remote guarding package from Galaxy Protection offers a cost-effective auto dealer security and safety solution that protects those assets and can even save money that was being inefficiently spent on poor guarding.

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