How To Reduce Theft In Your Warehouse

  • By Galaxy Protection
  • Feb 08, 2018

It would be nice to think that an employee (or random person wandering into your facility) would never steal from your warehouse. Unfortunately, statistics, reality, and human nature all lead us toward the sobering conclusion that theft is an enormous, multi-million dollar problem for businesses that rely on warehouses across the country.

Warehouse security is no simple task, either. Handling the numerous logistics and details of owning or managing a warehouse or storage facility can be stressful enough without even starting the conversation about security, but the ugly truth is that sometimes an employee or interloper might impulsively decide to steal from the company. Large buildings that have products out in the open and hundreds of workers are especially vulnerable to theft, and it can be hard to keep an eye on every square foot of these massive facilities. How many on-the-ground guards would it take to adequately guard it all? Ten? Twenty? Even that probably isn’t enough for an enterprising thief.

The good news is, technology has exponentially increased the effectiveness of security thanks to the emerging industry of remote guarding (sometimes referred to as “virtual guarding”). Implementation of remote guarding, which is the combination of live/staffed monitoring centers, HD camera networks, trained security agents, and video analytics, is one of the best answers when the question of how to reduce theft in a warehouse comes up.


How Can HD Camera Networks Help Guard Your Warehouse?

The general set of camera practices that used to be known under the umbrella of “CCTV” has evolved into something a lot more robust. Remote guarding with Galaxy Protection will provide you with a comprehensive set of HD cameras and two-way audio systems that link to a private network in our offices and allow surveillance of each nook and cranny of your warehouse. The cameras can be installed either visibly or hidden, and often times even just the knowledge of being watched can stop a would-be thief from even attempting anything.

The HD camera network that will be set up by Galaxy Protection for virtual guarding serves three main purposes:

  • As a deterrent: Knowing that you’re being watched by the eye in the sky stops impulses of theft before they even start to seem like a good idea
  • For immediate intervention: At Galaxy Protection, we’re able to intervene via two-way audio (or by contacting the authorities) right as the action is occurring
  • For evidence and insurance: Whether you need to prove evidence of a theft or even evidence in a workers’ comp claim, you’ll have ironclad proof of exactly what occurred, in crystal-clear HD

Although most people will think twice about committing a crime if they are aware that a camera is watching them, not everyone backs away. In the event of a brazen theft in the face of a monitoring system, important details of the criminal can be picked up and recorded, including our highly sophisticated facial recognition technology. This makes the chances of an arrest, conviction, and return of the stolen items much higher.


Constant Coverage

One of the main perks of having a remote guarding apparatus is the 24/7 surveillance it can provide. Let’s face it: as technology improves, thieves and criminals are getting more brazen and sophisticated in their approach, as well. The simple fact is that a few on-the-ground “rent-a-guards” who have no real vested interest in the security of your facility can never be adequate in terms of trusting your business’ assets. This is especially true for the overnight shift: how common is the trope of the guard who’s asleep at his post?

At Galaxy Protection, we don’t sleep. Our guards are not untrained nobodies making minimum wage. They are skilled security professionals, many of whom are ex-military or ex-law enforcement. They will be applying a watchful eye in ways that traditional guards simply can’t.

Ready to take the leap into remote guarding for your warehouse? Still have more questions? Contact Galaxy Protection to find out how we’ll provide a no-obligation security audit and proposal of exactly how we can guard your warehouse. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to remote guarding: each warehouse has a custom-designed plan to ensure that once you’re set up, you never have to worry about securing your warehouse again.

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