Live Video Monitoring

Video surveillance has come a long, long way since the days of grainy low-res footage and tapes that nobody ever checks. Today, live remote video monitoring is a cutting-edge, highly interactive security method that adds massive value and peace of mind to any business’s operations.

Live video monitoring service from Galaxy Protection doesn’t just record what’s happening at your site. Footage from your business is analyzed and scrutinized in real time by highly trained security professionals, ready to act at a moment’s notice if a criminal threat arises.


remote video monitoring

24/7 Live Video Monitoring

Galaxy Protection’s 24 hour live video monitoring service provides the kind of technologically savvy, comprehensive approach to security that’s necessary in 2019. As thieves, vandals, and unscrupulous employees become more sophisticated and brazen in their attempts to damage your business, you need a security solution that truly protects your assets.

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A live CCTV monitoring service provided by Galaxy Protection is like having your own security team watching your back, around the clock. Two-way audio allows your remote guards to interact with a suspect while a crime is in progress, which frequently results in the thief or vandal losing their nerve and abandoning their attempt. While one Galaxy Protection guard accosts the suspect in real time, another is already on the phone with local law enforcement, providing critical details that make for a much greater chance of suspect apprehension and prosecution.


More Than Just A Video Monitoring Surveillance Service

Thanks to the affordability of even the most sophisticated security equipment, the cost of a live video monitoring service is now realistic for businesses of all sizes. Compared to a traditional on-site guard alone, remote monitoring from Galaxy Protection tends to pay for itself in less than a year. Your insurance company will love the added security and ironclad HD video footage that you’re collecting. Insurance fraud attempts by disgruntled employees become a thing of the past, as every nook and cranny of your site is monitored in crystal clear resolution to keep everyone accountable.

With incredible modern technology like facial recognition, license plate recognition, crowd analysis, and much more — retaining Galaxy Protection for live video monitoring is an investment in your business as well as your own peace of mind. Stop worrying about what you’ll do if a crime occurs at your business, and start taking active steps to protect yourself and your assets.

If you’re a business owner who values control over your enterprise, you can’t afford to rely on outdated or woefully inadequate security measures. Galaxy Protection can swoop in and perform a comprehensive site analysis, followed by a custom security plan and installation that doesn’t require you to lift a single finger. We’ll even install separate servers and wifi for your security hardware to add yet another layer of protective redundancy to our operations.

Ready to take control of your business site security? Stop worrying about your antiquated camera system, and resolve to bring your facility into the 21st century. With Galaxy Protection’s affordability combined with our industry-leading knowledge of security design, it’s never been a better time to implement live video monitoring of your business.

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